The BC Cowboy Hall of Fame Nomination Information

Do you know someone that should be in the BC Cowboy Hall of Fame?

Any two people can nominate a cowboy for the BC Cowboy Hall of Fame. Just fill out the nomination form, print it, and send it in with a biography of the nominee (birth place, family, work history); list of accomplishments; reasons why the nominee merits induction into the BC Cowboy Hall of Fame; and a Photo(s) (copies are accepted with an application, but originals should be available if the nominee is accepted).

The deadline for nominations, for the year, is November 1st.

Rationale - BC's early history was carved out of the wilderness by thousands of hard working and forgotten cowboys. The Hall of Fame was created to capture the memories of these living legends and share their stories.

The Committee believes that while there are many ways to recognize people who pursue different careers and/or make significant contributions to their community, induction into the Cowboy Hall of Fame is the only formal way to recognize and record into history the contributions of the "hard working and often forgotten cowboys."

Therefore we believe limiting Hall of Fame eligibility to actual working cowboys will ensure the legends, both present and past, and their contributions to BC's heritage will not be forgotten nor overshadowed.

CRITERIA - all categories. The nominee must be, or have been, a professional working cowboy or rancher whose contributions have been made in British Columbia.

DEFINITIONs; a professional cowboy is one who has earned his/her living physically working with cattle and horses. A ranch derives its income mainly from the sale of beef cattle.

Categories - a cowboy may be nominated for one or more categories

1. WORKING COWBOY - a cowboy who has spent many years on the job, who has done a good job, and is looked up to by his/her peers.

2. COMPETITIVE - a cowboy who has done well in cowboy sports and contributed to the betterment of rodeo or other horse sports.

3. PIONEER - a rancher who has spent many years developing a ranch, ie: been on a cattle drive, and has done things the hard way.

4. HORSEMAN - a cowboy/rancher who, as part of his job, has turned out extra good ranch or rodeo horses.

5. ARTISTIC - a cowboy/rancher who did something in the way of cowboy life, through poetry, art, music, writing, and or crafts.

6. FAMILY - members have been involved in cowboy activities for three or more generations.

7. CENTURY RANCHES - ranches that have been in the same family for 100 years or more.

Nominations may be mailed or delivered to:
The Museum of the Cariboo Chilcotin
B1660 Broadway Avenue South
Williams Lake, BC
V2G 2W4

Ph/Fax: 250-392-7404
Email: mcc @

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