My family and I left from sugarcane at 6 PM on the day the evacuation notice was given to the city of Williams Lake. Sugarcane head already been on evacuation notice from the previous week, so we went home packed to a few more things. We went through Mission Road to hit Highway 97 and it’s saved us a ton of time as traffic was already backed up as everyone was leaving Williams Lake. It was bumper-to-bumper and when we drove through hundred mile there was zero access to any businesses. We just drove straight through town And made a left-hand turn onto Highway 24 through Lone Butte. And it took us five hours to get to Kamloops. My family registered at the hockey arena around midnight and we stayed with family during the fires. The experience in Kamloops was amazing we were all treated very well. My brother and I after a week in Kamloops decided that we would go and stay with a friend in Merritt and we were also treated very well when we registered there. We were away from home for two weeks and when we came back we got to see the full extent of the devastation. Spending all our lives in the Williams Lake area Made it hard to come home and see all the trees gone but thankful at the same time that everyone is safe and looked after.