We live in Wildwood. I remember hearing the fire on Spokin lake rd first.  I phoned my husband, because his friend lives out there, to see if they knew anything about it.  They did not and he immediately left work to go home to Spokin lk rd.  I remember all the lightning that afternoon. I was so worried for our friends, not even thinking that we could be in danger.  Around 3pm I had still not eaten anything because I was so worried. I went outside to sit on the front porch and call my husband at work. 3 deafening lightning claps happened while I was on the phone with him.  I got off the phone and went inside.  In the next hour I had 2 friends stop by to tell me that the crown land behind my house was on fire.  The man that lives behind us had it approaching his backyard.  I called my husband again to tell him that he needed to come home.  He would not return to work for the next 32 days.  By 7pm we got the evacuation.  The kids packed our 6 chickens up in a rubbermaid bin immediately and asked when we were leaving.  My husband packed all his guns and family pictures from the house into our trailer.  We loaded up the 4 cats, 3 dogs, 6 chickens, lizard, and 3 kids and hit the road for our friends place out at Chimney lake.  I couldn’t sleep at all that first night.  The 2nd night we set up a make shift pen made with chicken wire on the side of our trailer. The 3rd night my husband got up to let the dogs out to pee and my best friend, a cat named Hunter, escaped our trailer, never to be seen from again.  On the Tuesday even Chimney lake was getting bad so we decided to go to PG.  Not knowing anyone there or what we would do.  I cried all day over leaving Hunter.  A piece of my heart, now forever gone.  We were so fortunate to be able to stay in a friends aunts yard with our trailer and animals. We were there for 2 weeks.  Then a very nice lady stopped by one day and said that they had a wonderful space with a ball field, washrooms, and a huge kitchen down the road that we could stay at.  We spent the next 2 weeks there.  Our evacuation was lifted on August 5th and we returned home.  This was a very hard, emotional, struggle to get through but we did.  Our friends at Spokin lake road ended up losing their home and we never found our cat, Hunter.